excellent service, masterful nail artists AND diverse (cultural/ethnic). Patty, slayed my nail art. i may never do a traditional (wet) manicure again, the dry manicure has my hands and cuticles just RIGHT!!! the spa chairs have to be the top of the line, as most massage chairs don't reach where you need them to. the entire staff is personable and eager to answer any questions. i'll be back in 2wo weeks!!! they say that Caroline is the go to, if you truly want a pampered pedicure>>>#bestfootmassage i've booked an appointment for my hardworking SiStar for this coming wednesday, i'll post the results then!!!
Wined and relaxed on a break; Conversation was all that and my feet look sensibly cute
I'm so stoked Kleur is opening up in LB closer to me. I had them do my nail art for my bachelorette and couldn't have been happier!! Sweetest lady, best customer service, and reasonable pricing. Now I don't have to drive far. Yaaasss!
This place is literally the next best thing to happen in Long Beach for nail salons. They have a huge following in LA and will definitely be getting more of that in the LBC :) Great staff, great prices & impeccable work.
Love this place!!!!!